special mention for ames tonic
at the german design award 2014

The shelving system Tonic is honored with the distinction »Special Mention« at the German Design Award 2014. The German Design Award is the German Design Council’s international premium prize, which further enhances the reputation of both designers and companies. Due to the high quality among the number of participants, the German Design Council will be awarding the distinction Special Mention. This distinction honors works whose design exhibited particularly noteworthy aspects or solutions – an advancement award that recognizes the commitment of both companies and designers.

The jury of the 2014 German Design Award consists of design experts from different fields. These stem from business, education and science as well as the design industry and are recognized authorities in their area of expertise. Evaluations are based on various criteria such as design quality, degree of innovativeness, brand value, functionality, ergonomics and ecological compatibility.

Visit the online-exhibition at: www.designpreis.de

Michael Schmidtchen