our long-term
vision is to make sustainability
a lived reality in the home.


ames persuasively prioritizes eco-friendly processes across the value chain. Such as in the 100%-recyclable Einn chair, with a backrest itself durably 75% made of recycled material. Urging manufacturers on to develop new, resource-sparing technologies for ames’ multifunctional furniture:
out of a staunch “commitment to the environment” across the entire product lifecycle. Be it in the manufacture of MDF or poly-
propylenes. In the company’s textiles, adhesives and lacquers. Or with the woods used, for example for Tveir’s 3D veneer, grown to PEFC chain-of-custody-standards in sustainable forests. Small wonder that ames supports academic programs which encourage up-and-coming designers to follow suit – and make sustainability the touchstone of the profession.

© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; ames gmbh