we love wedding the vibrancy
of latin america
with european functionalism.


Shapes stimulated by difference and a zest for life. Creativity that is as tropical as it is natural. Suffused with a sense of freedom and art. And fashioned by a spirit of craftsmanship deeply rooted in the earth. Yet perfectly suited for a place in any modern urban ambience. Ames loves to draw in its fusion designs on these wonderful sides to Colombia. Blending lush opulent with Icelandic beauty and German technology. Or collaborating with Colombian architect, Jorge Lizarazo, founder of Hechizoo Textiles. To midwife the Tria chair which features “cumare” fibers from the Chiqui Chiqui palm. Specially made in Guainia in Colombia, but decidedly transatlantic.

© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh