ames for me
is a world family of friends – devoted to inspi-
ring furniture.


ames is a profoundly glocal company that thrives on diversity. Bringing together a great mix
of outstanding designers such as Iceland’s multi-award-winning
Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir or inter-
nationally acclaimed Colombian Reinhard Dienes Díaz, who is based in Germany, with the equally brilliant manufacturers who produce the components. The team works in an almost family atmosphere to create the ames products which thrill distributors. And inspire customers, too. In Colombia ames consciously primarily engages single mothers for the managerial positions. In the conviction that such support brings out the best in people. And further helps forge a creative, transcultural bridge between Germany and Colombia.

© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh