iceland’s sparse
landscape is an
ideal source of
inspiration for
clarity of vision


Icelandic designer Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir studied industrial design at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After graduating in 1993, she returned to her home country and has since worked in Reykjavik as a freelance furniture designer of international repute. Her interaction with ames Managing Director Ana María Calderón Kayser, has born marvelous fruit with the two very different cultures blending to spawn designer chairs Einn, Tveir and Tria, the one, two, three of diversity. Her signature style is functional clarity combined with high-end materials. In 2006, the ames Einn won the distinguished Lápiz de Acero Design Award. Four years later ames won the renowned IF Product Design Award for Erla’s Tveir.

© images: thorstein jónsson; ames GmbH


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