the natural

by erla sólveig óskarsdóttir
Tria was Erla Óskardóttir’s third stunning design for ames. And in keeping with her feel for numerology, it’s made of three distinct segments, whereby she skillfully melded diversity to create a coherent and attractive unit. Which is hardly surprising since she modeled it on one of nature’s greatest eye-catchers – an open flower blossom. And thus the segments of the seat are the protective petals. Only fitting that the new upholstery range by Colombian fabric genius Jorge Lizarazo uses natural materials (cumaro roots and bamboo raffia) to sturdy affect. As Tria now fits the ames culture even more finely – it’s ready for private or public use, as much at home in a sitting room as it is in the office.
© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh
ames tria

don’t we all
dream of sitting
safe and sweetly
in the blossom
of a flower...

erla sólveig óskarsdóttir, designer