the beauty
of three

by erla sólveig óskarsdóttir
In the form of Tres, Erla Óskarsdóttir has engaged in a bit of playfully magic geometry. While with her Una table she squared a circle, in Tres (three) she takes her cue from nature and combines a circle, itself made of three pieces, and three triangles, with three sides each: a table that is three to the power of three – and the epitome of poetic elegance. What is more it comes in three different styles to meet a broad diversity of client preferences, and in three different heights and sizes. And taking the culture of diversity in unity one step further, Tres gets doubled up: there are two different widths and different metal or wood tops in a variety of attractive colors. And there’s a big-brother 4-leg Tres now available made of aluminum and destined for use in cafeterias.
© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh
ames tres

the magic of
numbers combi-
ned with the
perfect clarity of

erla sólveig óskarsdóttir, designer