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by reinhard dienes díaz
Reinhard Dienes Díaz set out to create a furniture solution for all the downtown urbanites among his friends who wanted to live in flexible apartments. Apartments with large rooms that can be subdivided now this way, now that – swiftly, without much ado. Where no line gets drawn between diverse lifestyles with diverse functions, eating, dining, working. So he created Tonic, an ingenious and highly versatile multifunctionalist. One moment a sideboard, it morphs in the next into a shelving system or a coat stand. And none of the changes require the users to resort to tools or screws. Tonic brings zest to the room and can be adapted just as quickly as may your mood.
© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh
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you-can side-

reinhard dienes díaz, designer