the perfect

by erla sólveig óskarsdóttir
Named ‘Dos’, as in Spanish for ‘two’, this is a table that is the complete opposite of “don’ts”. For her second design for ames, Erla Óskardottir sought to create a table with a true sense of lightness – and opted for a slender yet stable thin base that as good as disappears beneath to emphasize the top. The circular top itself thus resembles a floating disc in keeping with the spirit of minimalism: it is almost ethereal in terms of presence and as good as invisible. Yet it is most definitely a table and in accordance with the ames culture of diversity. Dos is available in a wide array of different surface finishes and loves twinning with her Tveir chair.
© images: lea lin böhmer, achta; michael schmidtchen; ames gmbh
ames dos

i envisioned a
floating top that
resembled the
reflection of the
sun in water…

erla sólveig óskarsdóttir, designer